Welcome to the Society of Physics Students at UMD!


Hopefully you’ve all had a good summer, and are off to a good start this year! Vitaly Vanchurin has recently been named our faculty adviser. We are assigning leadership positions soon!
The Society of Physics Students is ready to begin this year with a few exciting things already in store. All are welcome to these events.

For example:

  • Monday, Sept. 15th: Our first official meeting this year will be held in the MWA Planetarium at 5 pm. We’ll discuss the direction we want to take SPS this year and watch some awesome videos. Everybody’s voice is heard. Attend especially if you are interested in leadership positions!
  • Sept. 10th/11th: Non-SPS function–Job and Internship Fair. Ask for details.
  • Sept. 24th: We do some lobbying in the Kirby Ballroom, which should be a blast (we’ll be doing a few demos with the Society of Stargazers).
  • Oct. 2nd: Most likely we will be taking a trip to Lacrosse, visiting with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Adam Riess. Dark Energy!

If you have any questions about our organization, or if you’d like to get involved, send an email to Jesse Vetsch at vetsc032@d.umn.edu (that’s me).

Thanks for stopping by!